get to know me meme: [2/5] Female Characters - Ruby 2.0 (Supernatural)
You don’t even know how hard this was! All the demons out for my head, no one knew. I was the best of those sons of bitches! The most loyal! Not even Alastair knew! Only Lilith! Yeah, I’m sure you’re little angry right now, but, I mean, come on, Sam! Even you have to admit I’m—I’m awesome!
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My battered heart will always be
where the ocean meets the sand, I
will break over and over

Every day. That is the best and
worst part of me.

—Clementine von Radics (via journalofanobody)
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Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. —― Confucius 


"It must have been an endless
breathing in: between
the wish to know and the need to praise
there was no seam.”
         -Margaret Atwood, poem excerpt from “Butterfly”

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